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Allow me to help you create the ultimate lifestyle through credit repair, credit building, and financial literacy.

remove negative items from your credit report TODAY so you can finally live again.

About Us

Over the last 5 years, we’ve successfully helped over 3,400 families achieve financial freedom. This has allowed our clients to purchase homes, investment properties, start businesses, acquire approval for personal and business loans with low interest rates, and finance vehicles of their choice.


Our mission here at Project Restoration is to be a change catalyst in the community; to educate, empower, uplift, and inspire millennials to break the cycles of generational poverty by teaching financial literacy.
We realize financial literacy is the key to attaining and maintaining a good credit score. For that reason, it is important for us to incorporate credit education and training into our program.
We’ve designed an effective system for removing negative items from the credit report along with credit and financial counseling to help our clients achieve financial independence.

Achieve Financial Independence with a Consumer
Credit Counseling Service in Chicago, IL

Maintaining great credit can be a difficult chore, particularly when you face challenging circumstances in your life. Project Restoration is a comprehensive credit counseling service in Chicago, IL that is committed to helping those we serve to get back on their feet. Offering a range of services including personal financial counseling, consultation on personal taxes and investments, as well as offering credit training programs, you can easily reach financial independence sooner than you think.

See How a Financial Counselor Can Change Your Life

At Project Restoration, our goal is for complete client restoration that increases your ability to make the purchases you need to maintain a happy and fruitful life. Your financial consultant will assess your current position and recommend certain actions and training programs that will help you to restore your financial happiness. Our methods are aggressive and show demonstrated results across our client base.

Easily and Efficiently Restore Your Credit

It can seem difficult to recover once a negative item hits your credit report. With an experienced credit consultant at Project Restoration, you can begin your journey towards financial freedom. Our credit education program is designed to help you to make good choices when it comes to your finances, and combined with our financial counseling on personal and business taxes, success is just around the corner.

Learn More About Our Services Today

Project Restoration is committed to helping people in Chicago, IL gain the financial freedom they are seeking. Our services incorporate education, help with personal or business taxes, as well as life insurance options designed to help you to get back on your feet faster. To learn more about our services or to schedule your consultation, contact the Project Restoration team today at (800) 755-7131.