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Take advantage of our 5K
line of credit and so much more.

We have ALL the tools to help you build your credit!

New Coast Direct - Get Your $5K Line of Credit & Boost Your Score

How New Coast Direct works?

  • Up to $5,000 Unsecured Revolving Line of Credit
  • 50% down payment is required
  • Over 30,000 items available with new items being added daily
  • Joint accounts are available
  • Hard inquiry from Trans Union to evaluate credit worthiness
  • New accounts report monthly to Trans Union and Equifax
  • Fully Refundable Membership fee and down payment if not approved.
  • You must have credit history, good or bad to be approved. 

To track the number of referrals, please go to login and enter your username and password.

Easy Online Application

– Fast Approval for revolving credit accounts up to $5000

– Low Monthly Payments on Balance

– No monthly servicing fees

– New Name Brand Products Added Daily!

– To qualify for an Credit Account with New Coast Direct you, and any applicable co-applicant

Must meet the below requirements at time of application

– 18 years of age or older

– Be a US Citizen

– Valid Social Security card and identification

– Prior credit history

– Monthly household minimum income of $1600

How to start your online credit account application

– Place a minimum of $100 in products in your shopping cart and click checkout to complete the online Credit Account application.

– Be a US Citizen

– There will be a down payment required up to 50% of your order total when applying.

– Log in to your Credit Account and and click on the “E-SIGN DOCUMENT” tab to sign your credit agreement.

– This must be completed to activate credit account.

– New Coast Direct will charge sales tax on order shipped to TX prior to shipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

– YES, New Coast Direct will report your Credit Account to the bureaus monthly

– YES, we do have joint Credit Accounts for applicants of the same household/address but must be completed at time of application.

– NO, New Coast Direct does not mail statements but will email statements monthly. You can also log into your account to view statements and make payments

– YES, there is a minimum monthly payment fee of $40 or 5% of the balance which ever is greater ONLY if you have a balance with New Coast Direct Account. If you have a zero balance, there are no monthly payments. have a balance with New Coast Direct Account. If you have a zero balance, there are no monthly payments.

– NO, we do not add authorized users to the New Coast Direct Credit Account after the application has been submitted.

– YES, there is an annual fee of $95 to keep your account open and in good standing

– YES, you can qualify for a NO down payment on additional orders with 12 consecutive months of good payment history and approved credit scores.

– NO, there are no monthly fees if you have a zero account balance.

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