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I’m Just the Messenger




This E-book is for you if you have ever experienced any form of trauma, hopelessness, discouragement, or dealt with depression. I’m Brandy Nicole and I would like to welcome you to the more personal side of my life. I’m known as a Business professional, I own a financial services firm and a childcare center. I’ve been known to help people level up financially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I’ll be revealing pieces of my journey and how I got to where I am now in this book. I would say I’m Now at a place of peace, balance, and gratitude. Overtime I overcame depression, suicidal ideation, ptsd, anxiety, and hopelessness. See my life didn’t come with an instruction manual or proper training, so I had to learn through experience as I grew.

Though I’ve experienced a significant amount of trauma in my life, I’m aware that there was purpose in it ALL, and it all worked together for my overall good. So this e-book is a cheat guide for those of you who just need practical wisdom on how to overcome some of the things that have kept you bound.


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